Saturday, 8 December 2012

The biker wife: Aishwariya the biker wife

The biker wife: Aishwariya the biker wife: Hi!!!! I am Akshit i am going to tell about an incident when for the first time my wife Aishwariya learnt to ride the bike. I have a pulsa...

Monday, 6 February 2012

The road incident

Hi I am Harsh I work in a software company. One day when i was on my way to meerut for some companies work. It suddenly started raining heavily. I saw a punjabi dhaba there & I decided to stop there till rain stops. When I was there I saw two girls having a great physic. They both were models & both were wearing the short skirts & those long brown coloured shoes which reach to their kness. We all were waiting there for the rain to stop & to move on to our destinations. In the mean while we had a great chat between & they informed me about their profession of modeling & I told them about myself being a software engineer. The name of one of the girl who taller than the other was Heema & other one was Suchita. They were going to Luknow for their show. After some time the rain stopped & we finally decided to move on but we in the mean time exchanged the numbers as well. I moved toward my bike & as soon as I started my bike I heard another bike starting just behind me. As I turned back I was shocked to see Heema and Suchita pulling the bike out of the stand it was a Yamaha Gsx 100. Heema sat on the rider seat and put on her full faced crimson coloured helmet on her face and put on the dark glasses of the helmet down one could not actully see her face across the black glass of helmet while Suchit took a red scarf and wrapped that around her face to avoid dust and also put on the helmet almost of the same colour & size & then sat on the  pillion seat. I was shocked to see the girls on that powerful bike & too in short skirts & one of them riding it. The girls saw & accelerated the bike & hushhh.... sound came out. The girls waved the hands & moved on. I also startedd my bike & tried to chase her till meerut but they were moving extremely fast. I chased them to a little extent but soon they raced their bike above 100 km speed & disappered  in flash.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The rider wife- Anita

Hi am Amit !!!!! I am going to tell you the story when i taught my wife how to ride the bike.
One day I came to know about my wife's keeness for motor bikes when his uncle told me that how my wife Anita loved riding on her father's bike when they used to roam in free time. So after hearing this I thought that I should ask my wife to learn motor bike to fullfill her childhood love as well as to avoid the problem of non availability of transportation in our area. When I asked her she first hesiteted & then with a smile agreed. So we decided to go the next day morning where I will teach her to ride the bike.
It was 4 A.M. we left from her house. My wife was wearing a blue jeans and a black T-shirt. First we went to an open field area which lies in our near by area within I drove the bike till there & she sat behind the bike wearing all her female long gloves. She had glasses too to avoid the dust. With in few minutes we reached there. Then she got of the bike and I also got off. I then asked to sit her on rider seat. She seated there ,then she put on her long black coloured gloves, tied a green coloured scarf around her face to avoid dust , then wore her glasses and finally the helmet which was a open face black coloured helmet with dark glass on it. After that she pulled the glass down, seated on the bike and removed the bike from the stand I told her to press electric start button she did the exact same and the bike came into life.
Then I sat behind her and held her hands on the handle of the bike with my hands too and I told her about the gears and time when to change the gear she listened to that very carefully and cautiously. I then told her to give aceeleration and to leave the clutch carefully. She did that for the first time & after moving a few meters it stopped. Then she did it again and this time she rode it very carefully and nicely. Then I got off the bike & then asked her to ride it on herself. She hesitated for a moment but then started the bike & rode it nicely. She practiced till 8:30 in the morning. Then we decided to go back home. She asked me to ride the bike as she was not that confident about it. So i started the bike and she didn't remove her helmet and gloves after the practice she was tierd during the ride she leant her head on my back. And finally we reached home.
The next day we again went to the open area but this time she rode the bike from home to that place with me sitting as pillion. When we reached there I got off it and told her to ride it individually. She agreed & this time rode it very nicely. With in a few days she became an expert rider. Now she rides the bike at a speed of more than 80 km/hr & that too very confidently.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Aishwariya the biker wife (on picnic)

It was my birthday. Aishwariya decided to surprise me. She decided that we were going for a picnic early morning. When i got Aishwariya was already ready for picnic and she pushed me into the bathroom for the bath. After I got i couldn't find Aishwariya where she was? Then suddenly her voice came from garage. I moved towards it and when i reached there I saw my wife in full biking gear. Having female biker helmet, Gloves, Jackets,Shoes I was shocked  to see her and I was thinking that time that how she would carry those things wearing as she is very a SLIM girl. She came near me and grabbed my hand and took me near the bike Pulsar 220 and the she sat on it and asked me to sit behind. I was completely shocked and so i just followed her. She started the bike and soon we were out on the highway and she increased the speed. I grabbed her firmly and she also loved this gesture of mine. As ride the progerssed i leant my head on her back and hold her tightly. After some time we reached the picnic spot and there she stopped the bike and kept on the stand. She there hurridely went into the changing room and removed her biking gear and wear normal dress. We than had lunch and then we moved to the gardens where we got a little romantic and there i kissed her it was actually the first kiss after our 2 years old marriage. After this we decided to go back and then again got into her biking gear but as she wore her helmet I got onto the bike and asked her to sit pillion and she agreed so wearing her biking gear she sat back and rode the as we reached highway she tightly hugged and was lying on my back. As we reached home I parked the bike and the day ended........

To be continued.............................. 

Aishwariya the biker wife-2

After learning the bike Aishwariya now has become  a perfect rider.
One day when i was returning from office my bike broke down.  I then called my wife and told her about it. I told her that i am looking for a  public transport it will take some time to me to reach home. She quickly replied that she will be coming to pick her and asked me to wait I agreed. I was at the bus stop and suddenly i saw a lady on a pulsar riding at a speed of 50 wearing a dark black open face helmet and wearing a black jeans and a black jacket and she put a black lipstick. She came near me and stopped and got of the bike and when she removed her helmet i was shocked as I was not able to recognize my wife. She was looking dammm sexy in that black outfit on that macho pulsar.
I then asked her to allow me to ride but she refused and told me to sit as a pillion as i would be tired of the day's work. So i sat behind and this time she started the bike with one swift kick and then bike came to life. Soon we were on the high way and she increased the speed and rode at more than 100 km/hr speed. I was surprised to see that within a short span of time my wife has become such good rider.


Aishwariya the biker wife

Hi!!!! I am Akshit i am going to tell about an incident when for the first time my wife Aishwariya learnt to ride the bike.

I have a pulsar 220. We live in gandhinagar area of gujarat. It is a developing area. The main market from that area is very far so it takes a lot of time to reach there. In the area there is also problem  public transports as well.
One day when i returned home i saw house locked. I had to wait for a long time till my wife came back it frustrated me and my wife was also fed up with this transport problem. So i then decided to buy a two wheeler vehcile for my wife for her convience. I talked about it with my wife but she disagreed. Then i thought whether she could ride my old pulsar which was lying in garage since last 3 years i thought this because i knew that my wife had great enthusiasm about the geared bikes. I talked to her about this and after a very long dicsussion she finally agreed.
The 1st day of bike learning:
As we have decided that my wife would learn bike in the morning.
So the next we got up at 3 A.M. and after getting ready we left at 4 A.M for her lesson.
On that day she was wearing a red top and dark blue jeans. First i told her about gears of the bike and then about the brakes and the engine.
After this I gave her the helmet. It was black coloured open face helmet with a complete black glass. After she wore that helmet i couldn't actually see her face across that black glass. She sat on the bike and started it with electric start. The bike came into the life and zoom sound came. She accelerated it one two times on the same place. I told her now to slowly release the clutch and give acceleration to the bike. She did that very good. With in a moment she started riding it. Slowly she increased the speed of the bike. After a practice of few days she mastered and now she rides it at a speed of 80 km/hr and even more than that also.

To be continued...................